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Create a Lua convenience functions for conversion betweem language code and project and sitelink code
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There are 900-1000 sitelink codes at the moment (like "be_x_oldwiki") and each is associated with a language code and project (like "be-tarask" and "Wikipedia"). Many Lua tools are parsing sitelinks to get language code and project or creating sitelinks based on users language and project, and many of them have to hardwire a lot of confusing special cases. It would be nice to have 2 convenience functions with "official" conversion between sitelink ID (same as used by mw.wikibase.getSitelink) and language codes (same as used by Lua Language_library).

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YES, PLEASE! Wikidata Infobox uses this function to convert a language code into a site ID:

local function databaseId( langcode )
	local exceptions = {
		['be-tarask'] = 'be_x_old',     -- Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography)
		['bho']       = 'bh',           -- Bhojpuri
		['cbk-zam']   = 'cbk_zam',      -- Chavacano de Zamboanga
		['gsw']       = 'als',          -- Alemannic
		['ike']       = 'iu',           -- Inuktitut
		['lzh']       = 'zh_classical', -- Classical Chinese
		['map-bms']   = 'map_bms',      -- Basa Banyumasan
		['nan']       = 'zh_min_nan',   -- Min Nan Chinese
		['nb']        = 'no',           -- Norwegian Bokmål
		['nds-nl']    = 'nds_nl',       -- Low Saxon
		['mo']        = 'ro',           -- Moldaawisk
		['roa-tara']  = 'roa_tara',     -- Tarantino
		['rup']       = 'roa_rup',      -- Aromanian
		['sgs']       = 'bat_smg',      -- Samogitian
		['vro']       = 'fiu_vro',      -- Võro
		['yue']       = 'zh_yue',       -- Cantonese

	local exception = exceptions[langcode]
	if exception then return exception end

	return langcode:gsub("-.*", "") -- delete everything after hyphen

I painstakingly compiled the list of exceptions from a variety of sources, and I'm not sure whether the list is comprehensive. This issue is annoying module writers since at least 2018.

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Special:SiteMatrix is provided by SiteMatrix, not Wikibase, so this code may have a better place there. (Although SiteMatrix has no Lua support yet, so it’d require a bit more setup.)