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Eliminate the toil in WMF wiki creation
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One part of WMF creation is the huge toil it has:

  • Keeping track all the parts, Is DNS deployed? Is CX config deployed? Are Wikimedia Messages in place?
  • Creating and keeping track of sometimes up to ten patches needed to be merged across the whole fleet (mediawiki core, pywikibot, DNS, RESTbase, etc.)
  • Commands needed to be executed to make sure the wiki is created without explosions (first run this and run that, do it in wrong order and all of Wikipedia will go down)

I wrote a code to actually handle this part and basically produces the checklist and the commands given the wiki creation ticket: You can see its output in description of T253029: Create Shan Wiktionary

This ticket is done:

  • If the checklist and the steps needed to be done is added to the ticket automatically.
  • And patches (at least most of them) are created automatically.
  • Subtickets creations and closing them as resolved also handled automatically.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptSat, May 23, 8:51 AM

For the checklist, perhaps a custom form for task creation?

Ladsgroup updated the task description. (Show Details)Sat, May 23, 8:56 AM

For the checklist, perhaps a custom form for task creation?

The wiki creation has a pre-filled form generated from a template: has a section called "Settings", Expand it and click on "submit phabricator task". It means it's already not free-form but we will get to the place to make it better. For now I think this is good enough.

jhsoby added a subscriber: jhsoby.Mon, May 25, 4:23 PM

Now the bot automatically adds and updates the description, here's an example: it checks the open tickets of wiki creation project once a day. Do not touch the automatic text as it will get overridden or worse, if you remove the ending or beginning, the bot appends the whole thing again.

Ladsgroup updated the task description. (Show Details)
Restricted Application added a project: User-Ladsgroup. · View Herald TranscriptSat, May 30, 3:09 PM