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Syntax highlight editing is extremely difficult from mobile
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Syntax highlight editing is coming by default in mobile view. See

It is very difficult to perform edit in this view.

  1. When you try to scroll, it moves cursor to any point randomly.
  2. When you try to write something, sometimes it doesn't appear or gets changed (similar to something like autocomplete, but its autdelete in wikipedia)
  3. You can't point your cursor to some locations, it either moves ahead or backwards.
  4. Touch behaves highly unexpectedly and syntax overlay (something like javascript maybe) makes the editing experience highly slow and annoying. We have to wait a lot for the syntax to be highlighted or our text to appear and sometimes have to rewrite again and again as our text gets deleted unwantedly.

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You chose to use the desktop version on a small screen and this ticket lacks any steps to reproduce the environment (your web browser, your operating system, etc).
@Capankajsmilyo: Please follow and provide clear and exact steps to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

I tried restoring ")" more than 10 times here. Everytime I add ) from my smartphone it magically disappears.

@Capankajsmilyo: Could you please answer all questions in my last comment? Thanks!

LMN8 added a subscriber: LMN8.EditedJun 6 2020, 5:43 PM

You can go back to the article, scroll to the bottom, zoom into the footer and select "Mobile".

This should send you back to the source mobile editor (which does not use highlighting).

EDIT: Upstream CodeMirror library does not actively support mobile - see doc