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search results page show instead of empty search page with a slow internet connection
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while testing for T252545 I found a weird issue with a slow internet connection:
1-open the search page
2-write 3 letters
3-delete 1 and wait for the result to change
4-delete 2
Expected result:
the search page should be empty
Actual result:
sometimes it shows the results of the search with the first letter

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good catch @Jpita

In the useSearch.js, the promise chain is being called after set to null

useEffect(() => {
  if (query) {
    search(lang, query)
      .then(results => {
        setSearchResults(results) // (2) then here
  } else {
    setSearchResults(null) // (1) execute first
}, [lang, query])

Bring this diff back will solve the problem.

To @SGautam_WMF, I think this is a good time for you to think about what should user have when the user empty the search bar, otherwise we will keep it on the first screen without any query result.

T244021: Possible calls to setState on unmounted components will solve this by making sure useEffect always abort the previous request before issuing a new one.

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sure @hueitan I will check with Angie as well.

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Created a new ticket that we'll use when we're tackling performance issues. T254510.