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Improve translation documentation for uncommon terms
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We have a number of terms in the Library Card tool for which the meaning won't be immediately obvious to translators, for example "Proxy", "Library Bundle", and "Waitlist".

We want translators to be able to translate these terms consistently and with confidence.

There are a few ways we could do this - for example adding to every translation documentation string next to one of these terms, or writing a glossary page. We need to explore what the best option is before moving forward on this.

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A consideration for @AVasanth_WMF who is currently working on T251372.

@Nikkimaria have you noticed other terms, besides Bundle, that could benefit from more context?

'Instant access', 'manual access', 'waitlisted'

@AVasanth_WMF Am I correct in thinking we need to take a step back on this one and figure out how we want to comprehensively think about the issue of poorly explained terms?

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