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Welsh (Cymraeg) is sorted improperly on
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Steps to Reproduce:
Go to and use either the language selector on the search bar or the "Read Wikipedia in your language" interface. Go to Cymraeg.

Actual Results:
Cymraeg is sorted under "S".

Expected Results:
Cymraeg should be sorted under "C". As far as I can tell, Welsh's alphabet is sorted the same way as in English.

This appears to be caused by:

<li><a href="//" lang="cy" title="Saesneg">Cymraeg</a></li>

"Saesneg" means "English". :-)

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jrbs added a subscriber: jrbs.

I think this is right based on other tasks related to

You can only do so much...

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 10.33.40.png (1×1 px, 902 KB)

I've fixed the translation and it'll go out on next Monday's deployment. @Emufarmers if you're inclined feel free to review these remaining Welsh translations for the page on

Thanks! But I don't speak Welsh, sorry. Someone just complained about it to me. :-)

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Fixed by @Jdrewniak I think :)