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Excessive HTML entity encoding in title tag
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See here and the result here.

HTML entity (hex) is not correctly render in the title tag:


This is what I see in the title bar of my browser:

<title>Rizultats des rcwerances po «&amp;#x202F;ok&amp;#x202F;» — Wikipedia</title>

This is what is expected:

<title>Rizultats des rcwerances po «&#x202F;ok&#x202F;» — Wikipedia</title>

The ampersand char shouldn't be encoded if it represents a part of a html entity.

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@Reptilien.19831209BE1: It is correctly rendered here. If it is not, then please follow and explain what makes you think that it is not. Thanks!

@Aklapper I tried to clarify the issue, is it sufficient?

Aklapper changed the task status from Stalled to Open.May 26 2020, 9:06 AM
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Ah, sorry, so this is really about the title tag in your browser. I can confirm with Firefox and Chromium.

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Nikerabbit added a subscriber: Nikerabbit.

That looks like someone trying to apply correct direction to the parameter. I've reverted the last update.

@Nikerabbit I don't understand what you mean by "trying to apply correct direction", somthing like RTL/LTR? The entity #x202F; is a typographical char used in French and Walloon. This char is correctly used. To revert the last update does not solve the problem but gets around it.

Ok I confused the unicode code. It's narrow no-break space. But using entities does not work in this message, so it was reverted. It needs some solution.