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Offer "linksfrom:" in Advanced Search (inverted "linksto:")
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In search, please implement linksfrom: which works like linksto: but filters articles linked to rather than those linked from. This would transform the ease of many searches which are currently very difficult. For example, I am currently trying to find which articles linked from long lists of alleged politicians are not in fact politicians but people notable in other areas who happen to share their names with obscure politicians. This task seems very difficult, even for an experienced PetScan and Quarry user, but would become trivial with something like 'linksfrom:"List article" -politician'. (linkedfrom: might be a better name; it wouldn't hurt to provide both as synonyms.) I see multiple requests for this feature on enwki dating back to 2004, but no good workaround.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Feature request: linksfrom to Offer "linksfrom:" in Advanced Search (inverted "linksto:").May 26 2020, 3:59 PM
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