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Migrate role::bastionhost::general and role::bastionhost::pop to Buster
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The reimage for the edge bastions is soft-blocked on the local Prometheus servers co-hosted on the bastions being into local Prometheus servers running on Ganeti.

These are physical machines, not VMs. I assume we want to keep it that way for bastions? Or are ganeti VMs an option for us even for bastions?

These need to remain physical servers.

This looks resolved to me:

[cumin2002:~] $ sudo cumin 'bast*' 'lsb_release -c'
8 hosts will be targeted:
Ok to proceed on 8 hosts? Enter the number of affected hosts to confirm or "q" to quit 8
===== NODE GROUP =====                                                                                  
(8) bast[1003,2002,3004-3005,4003,5001-5002,6001]                                         
----- OUTPUT of 'lsb_release -c' -----                                                                  
Codename:       buster

boldly setting to resolved, correct me if I'm wrong @Muehlenhoff