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Emergency read-only time for s4 (commonswiki)
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Due to HW failure on the commonswiki primary database master, we need to failover this host to another one.
We'll do that Friday 29th May at 05:00 AM UTC
We'll need to set commonswiki on read-only time for around 30 minutes (hopefully just a few minutes), while writes cannot go through but reads will remain unaffected.

Event Timeline

There's no time to distribute Tech News before the fact, due to the emergency nature of the read-only window (the next issue goes out on Monday), but I've posted a notice on the Commons (English) Village Pump to give some warning to the Commons community.

@Marostegui friendly reminder to ping one of us personally to make sure last minute things are noticed ;) Best of luck with the read-only!

Thank you guys! All this come unexpectedly and I am getting ready to prepare it on time!

Trizek-WMF triaged this task as High priority.

Banner set.

@Johan informed the community on Commons.

This was done successfully
RO started at 05:01:54
RO stopped at 05:02:25

Total RO time: 31 seconds