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Offer variables that surface the import steps to the AbuseFilter
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There are usually a couple if AbuseFilter filter rules in place that potentially will have a different meaning when it comes to imports of whole pages with several revisions in the history. Applying these rules blindly on all revisions in the history might make no sense at all or lead to a different action. The best way to deal with these exceptions would be offering variables to the maintainers of these rules so they can decide what should happen in these cases.

To best support the FileImporter use-case it might make sense to add variables like

  • import
  • fileimporter
  • oldrevison

The variables would need to be injected from the FileImporter to the AbuseFilter so they are available when it's checking the given contents. For some investigations around that see T225521: Investigate whether the AbuseFilter can specify which revisions to execute a rule on