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itWikiCon 2020 directions
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Let's discuss about directions! @Iopensa noted that writing down itWikiCon 2020 directions may be a very good way to give some clear hints and clarify the community priorities for this event. Also because this year may be somehow tricky, because it's completely online, and because of the synergy with the Italian Linux Society.

This is the work-in-progress document:

Event Timeline

Ferdi2005 triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jun 13 2020, 8:16 PM

I actually proposed to have a series of pillars which can guide the decisions related to the event (not directions but principals).
This page is a copy of the manual; I think it should be edited to avoid duplication of content compared to the manual.

The pillars I suggest are

  1. ItWikiCon 2020 is about openness: open content and open software. We use open tools, we produce open content and we talk about openness.
  2. We target the Italian-speaking communities. Which means that presentations and event will be in Italian or translated or with subtitles.
  3. We take advantage of an online event: we record videos and we invite Italian-speaking speakers/participants who live far away from potential itwikicon locations.
  4. We produce a documentation which can be useful to tell the story of our movement and in particular of our Italian-speaking communities. Which means that we edit it and make it available.
  5. We do it for fun. Which means we include in the event the playful pleasure of getting together.