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Language-converter for Tatar wiki
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Good day! Today there are two types of articles in Tat wiki: in cyrillic and latin script. I am interested in making converter for Tatar wiki such as Chinese, Crimean Tatar, Gan, Inuktitut, Kazakh, Kurdish, Serbian, Tachelhit, Tajik, Uzbek wikis use. To my mind, it should be like this:

  • The main script is Kyrillic, however there are
  • cyr-lat
  • lat-kyr
  • cyr-ar
  • lat - ar

So it can include three scripts, cyrillic, latin and arabic (the last one is only for reading).
My questions are:

  • Which steps should I make for this?

I think, firstly, it would be a survey between TatWiki users; second step is a creating patches, isnot it?