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Patroller IP usage study
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Interview-based study on patrollers and their approach to handling IP edits and getting IP info.

This study will be conducted via moderated interviews (with interpreters), as well as discussion prompts on community talk pages (Village Pumps and equivalent). Current target wikis are:

  • Japanese Wikipedia (very high % IP edits)
  • Dutch Wikipedia (cultural distrust of IP edits)
  • German Wikipedia (Recent Changes feature)
  • Chinese Wikipedia (use of VPNs allowed)
  • English Wikiquote (high % IP edits, non-Wikipedia project)

Key Stages
Preparation: Jun 29 - Jul 17
Recruitment: Jul 20 - Aug 31
Fieldwork: Aug 7 - Sep 8
Analysis: Sep 4 - Sep 18

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The completed public writeup can be found here: Patroller Use of IPs

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Considering this task as resolved for now. We didn't get as many interviews as we would have liked. We might come back to do some more work on this in the future, time permitting.