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Update Documentation for dl360 Motherboard Swap
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@Jclark-ctr - based on the steps you took to swap out the motherboard on db1140 via T250602, can you update the documentation with the steps needed on the appropriate page here:

You can probably work on this the next time you're WFH. Basically, we're looking for this to include a procedure/checklist for HP hosts after a board replacement (network updates, installer updates, bios changes, management changes, ipmi changes, passwords, etc.)


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John, you can use the db1139 swap to assist with the documentation.

@wiki_willy I am not sure we really need to document this, if we have any HP or Dell servers that need motherboard swaps then we should be utilizing the techs that each company provides. It's safer and easier on us if something were to go wrong. Plus we pay for this service so let's utilize it

I am declining this task, we do not have many of these servers left in production.