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Each filter should have a talk page
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Each filter should have a talk page that is a normal MediaWiki page with all the features (templates, notifications, etc.)

Currently, either the discussions should happen on a separate page (like a Village pump) that is disconnected, or they are commented out in the "Notes" box of the filter, which is not really a discussion area and only supports plain text.

Originally submitted by @Sunfyre on fawiki.

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See also T95737 and T227595. I don't really agree with my previous decision to close the former as duplicate of the latter. Making it a subtask would've been better.

Huji added subscribers: He7d3r, MusikAnimal, Luke081515.

I merged the first one into the current task; this way, we end up with an open task!

Daimona removed a project: User-Daimona.

Closing as duplicate, although this is more of a corollary. This will be done by implementing T227595.