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Support sending only the specified section of a translatable page using Special:MassMessage
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Translatable pages contain things such as language selector, instructions, categories, etc. which should not be included when sending a message.

Currently TechNews uses <section> tag to mark the real contents. This tag is provided by MediaWiki-extensions-LabeledSectionTransclusion. Special:MassMessage should detect if it is installed, see what sections are available on the page, and allow choosing one of them.

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Just wondering if the message prrocessing order should be selected as a applicable language before the Abuse Filter.

The current behaviour processes the message by Language Select after the Abuse FIlter.

Just had an example from Cantonese Wikipedia diff and it triggers several keywords that intended to filter out the phrases which only used in Chinese Wikipedia, however the actual phrases did not use in the Cantonese Wikipedia.

I have no idea what do you mean, but since TechNews are not currently using the functionality described in the task (since it doesn't even exist yet), it cannot be cause what you described.

I've take the example above to explaining the symptoms for the one.

The actual diff for the page change are shown on the above link.

However the AbuseFilter was triggered by several keywords using the Abuse Filter using the added_lines value. (Although the keywords does not exist on both Cantonese and English texts, where English was the fallback text)

The actual value contained in added_lines variable (value pasted as link below) was the one before processed by the Language Select, so the order of precedence by the Language Select and Abuse Filter was the root cause that triggering with this symptom.

If you mean that text from other languages hit abuse filter, before they are hidden by subst, then this will no longer happen. But that is not related to this task, but one of the other subtasks.

I couldn't find any existing subtasks for this symptom. Looks likely it's necessary to create a new subtask onto the parent task.

I've added this one onto T254607 to explaining the issue stated above.

Change 631176 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit; owner: Nikerabbit):
[mediawiki/extensions/MassMessage@master] Add support for sending only the specified section of a page

Change 631176 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/MassMessage@master] Add support for sending only the specified section of a page

Tested this on Meta. Latest changes to send sections of pages works well with translatable pages + language fallbacks.

Unrelated issue noticed

I tried sending this page: before marking it for translations to this list:

Getting the following error code: massmessage-page-section-invalid (

I think this is because, the latest changes in the page that have the section have not been marked for translation.