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reset of burrow metrics for consumer group
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Due to a mistake during a deploy, we've ended up with some bad consumer group metrics in burrow for cpjobqueue. Would it be possible to get these reset?

The metrics in question in Prometheus can be seen at kafka_burrow_partition_lag{cluster="misc",exported_cluster="main-eqiad",group="cpjobqueue-low_traffic_jobs"}

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elukey@kafkamon1001:~$ curl -X DELETE localhost:8100/v3/kafka/main-eqiad/consumer/cpjobqueue-low_traffic_jobs
{"error":false,"message":"consumer group removed","request":{"url":"/v3/kafka/main-eqiad/consumer/cpjobqueue-low_traffic_jobs","host":"kafkamon1001"}}

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-06-08T17:50:08Z] <elukey> restart prometheus burrow exporter for kafka main on kafkamon1001 - T254498