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Inconsistency between "Save an edit" and "Publish an edit"
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The MediaWiki interface uses "Publish edit" rather than "Save edit", because the latter might indicate the edit is just saved for review. Those terms are usually used interchangeably in Wikimedia discussions, but newcomers might be confused about the difference.

Some messages, namely, says "save your edit", rather than "Publish your edit". Should we change that?

CC @MMiller_WMF and @RHo

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We actually discussed the use of "save" vs "publish" extensively on T245790 for message that comes up after a Suggested edit is published, and ultimately decided (see @MMillers_WMF's comment T245790#6178479) that for wikis with Flagged revisions the text would be "saved", and for all others it would be Publish.

Could we add this detail in the QQQ for relevant tips?

Thanks, @Urbanecm. I will add this in QQQ. Does our explanation make sense?

Well, as you can see at, there is no string with "publish" - we say "save" in all of our texts.

For instance, this screenshot:

says "click "Publish changes…" to save your edit!". That's contradictory by itself (save, or publish)? It behaves the same way in cswiki beta, which doesn't have flaggedrevs.

It's actually pretty hard to predict on Flagrev wikis whether your edit will be published. The post-edit notice does not have to deal with that problem, since it's shown right after the edit was saved, when we already know whether the new revision is the stable one. But in the guidance panel we'd have to take into account the stability settings of the page, whether the page already has a stable revision, whether the user has the autoreview right... so we should probably cop out and always say "save" (which we already do) or always say "publish" (which is what VE does with its action button, even though it's not always correct).