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Create a generic "Bengal-Wikisource" tag in Phabricator
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Create a generic #Bengal-Wikisource tag similar to Bengali-Sites to be used in tasks defined by end status and grouping more subtasks.

Project type: Bengali-Sites
Name: Bengal-Wikisource
Optional hashtatgs: #Bengal-Wikisource
Project description: Generic tag to mark a task which is for projects without a defined ending date but which can be definitely realistically be defined as finished at some point.
Visible To: Public (no login required)
Editable By: All Users
Joinable By: All Users

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I am against creating edition-specific tags or we risk having 700+ of those, further fragmenting and complicating Phabricator project maintenance. A workboard column in Bengali-Sites or a subproject therein, if is really needed, should be attempted; but not an individual tag.