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Subdomains SPORES?
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Dear (sub)domain Admins - I would appreciate to get a Subdomain for SPORES (on :-)
I try to get at least handful of new and inexperienced users to it and would prefer not to have to explain them all the complexities of hosting and URLs and experiments official or not this work is at start - Subdomain redirect would Help ;-)

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That means it would be a separate wiki, so all templates etc. have to be duplicated.

No. I think it works just as forwarding - correct @Pharos ?

@Zblace Wait, are you asking about a subdomain, or just about a namespace?

I saw you used subdomains for

I saw you used subdomains for

Oh, as just a shortcut to that particular Spore hub page? That we can probably do, but can't have the actual content pages under the subdomain.

thats good enough :-)
for Queer and Sport Spore also ;-p

@Pharos - could you do those 3 this weekend?
I want to start promoting it...without that URL looks just too hard to memorize.

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