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Post messages on user talk pages people affected by new requirements
Open, MediumPublic


This task is about making sure people whose signatures would be replaced with a default signatures once the new requirements are fully implemented are aware of the changes being made that will affect them.

These people will be made aware by us posting a messages on their user talk page.

Talk page message contents

  • What is changing
  • When these changes will be made
  • What they need to do to make their signature compliant with the new requirements
  • What will happen if they do not make their signature compliant with the new requirements by the time they go into effect
  • Why these changes are being made
  • How these changes were decided upon
  • Where they can go to learn more about these changes

People to be messaged

Yet to be defined.

Open questions

  • How will these messages be delivered?
    • E.g. will some kind of script need to be written?
  • What criteria should define who is notified?


  • "Open questions" are answered
  • Messages containing the items listed in the "Talk page message contents" section above are sent to the people listed in the "People to be messaged" section above.