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values from namespace does not save the prefixed namespace but only the value
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Mediawiki version: 1.34.1
Page Forms version: 4.9.3

Steps to Reproduce,

Create a form with input field:

field|inputfield|input type=tokens|values from namespace=namespace

Actual Results:

Value written to template as


Expected Results:


values from category has the behaviour described in expected results.

I tried to add


but noticed that it didn't change the namespace, as mentioned in

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Oeyvindg renamed this task from values from namespace does not contain the prefixed namespace to values from namespace does not save the prefixed namespace but only the value.Jun 5 2020, 7:47 PM

Hi @Oeyvindg, thanks for taking the time to report this! Please always include MediaWiki and Page Forms version information - thanks!

Thank you @Aklapper, added to description.

@Oeyvindg - yes, that behavior is on purpose. The idea is that this gives the form/template designer more flexibility - because then they can have the template add the namespace prefix to the value (or values, using #arraymap), or not. An obvious example is if the field holds a file name. The template could then display that value as:


Is the differing behavior then on purpose in regards to the other autocompletes, like category and (SMW) property (I Did not check the behaviour here)? I.E if you are autocompleting on a category, you most likely want the namespace prepended, but if you autocomplete on namespace, there are other use cases?

I see I'm mostly thinking of how things work from my semantic/RDF centric data view.

Yes, it's different on purpose. With anything other than "values from namespace", the values returned can be in different namespaces - so the page names have to contain the namespace. It's a little confusing, but I think this is the best solution.

Thank you Yaron. I've now used the #arraymap parser function to re-add the the namespace for my use case.

It works as expected from LUA

mw.getCurrentFrame():callParserFunction(  '#arraymap', value, sep, 'x', namespace .. ':x', sep )