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Change the header of apps presentation block on Wikipedia portal
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It seems to me that the title is very long and misleading the user. Can we change it to Download Wikipedia application or something like that?

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@Iniquity - In what way is the title misleading the user?

@Charlotte: Hi :) It seems to me that 'Download Wikipedia' means 'Download the whole encyclopedia to read offline'. This is a bit wrong. But I was most concerned about 'for Android and iOS': unnecessary clarification. And If we would like to increase the font like here T160704#6198949, this can create problems for some languages.

Thanks @Iniquity - we've never had anyone telling us they interpreted the title that way and were confused, so we're unlikely to change the title at this time. Regarding the font sizes, the Android and iOS teams have no control over the Portal, so the correct team (tagged in the ticket you mention) can deal with that.

Thanks for the clarification, @Charlotte. And what do you think about 'for Android and iOS'?

Thanks for the clarification, @Charlotte. And what do you think about 'for Android and iOS'?

I think that it makes sense to have it there. Not everyone reads the paragraph below, nor scrolls down to see the buttons.

hi i want to work on this plz tell me what you required here

I'm afraid more comments from the teams are needed here, as the initial task is too early to complete :)

I'm not sure that this title can be made any shorter or clearer. I think pointing out that it's for Android or iOS is important and should remain in the title because it explicitly describes which platforms we're talking about.

"Android and iOS" could potentially be changed to "mobile" or "mobile phone" but that would not be very clear, since these OS's operate on tablets as well, and we also have a mobile site. If we add a link to our KiaOS app, then maybe "Download Wikipedia on your mobile phone" would make sense.

I'm not concerned about "Download Wikipedia" implying that you can download the entire wikipedia on your phone, because the apps do actually allow you to download articles for offline use (as it says in the description).

In general I think the word "applications" might be too long, and it may be less meaningful than "iOS and Android" for non-technical users.

Maybe "Download Wikipedia from /the/an/your/ app store", but I'm sure how well that translates, and "app store" may be associated closely with iOS.

So in summary I don't think this is worth changing right now.