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Search: Unexpected scrolling when returning to search results table from article
Closed, DeclinedPublicBUG REPORT


When returning to the search results from an article, the search results table can scroll unexpectedly. This only appears to occur when the keyboard is visible in the Search results view and only occurs when tapping results towards the end of the search results table.

Repro Steps

  1. Search for something that has lots of search results (Space, for example)
  2. Scroll to last article result in list
  3. Tap last article
  4. Either interactively dismiss the article or tap the back button
  5. Observe the search results table

Expected Results
You return to the search results table at the scroll position you were at when you tapped the article.

Actual Results
The search results table unexpectedly scrolls.

search_results.gif (652×320 px, 760 KB)