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@ symbol for mentioning is in the wrong place in RTL wikis, when the comment is in LTR
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The automatically inserted @ symbol needs to be next to the username (which may be RTL or LTR). In this diff, the @ symbol is next to the list formatting at the end.

RTL text, RTL username✅ works
RTL text, LTR username✅ works
LTR text, LTR username❌ broken

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We would need to add some markup to override the default bidirectional text layout (e.g. <bdi>…</bdi> tags around the @-mention, which should prevent it from being split like that). But this is likely to make the wikitext more annoying to deal with (e.g. the opening and closing angle brackets will flip visually depending on which text direction is assigned to them). IMO it would be best to put that markup inside of a template, assuming that we change from plain links to templates for mentioning.

JTannerWMF added a subscriber: JTannerWMF.

This behavior is a consequence of us using the user link approach for creating pings. Addressing this issue would require a change to that approach, which seems to be well received so far, if the issue becomes more prevalent and in doing so will revise what syntax is used for creating pings.

I also support using templates. The drawback of using templates is that it requires per-wiki configuration, but if the current templateless behavior is kept as a fallback, probably it can work.