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Performance review of enhancements to OAuth extension
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We are developing a publicly accessible API portal. The work is described by the API Gateway documentation plan.

As part of this project we will be launching a new wiki on which will make API requests to new API endpoints implemented by the OAuth extension hosted on meta.

Preview environment


Which code to review

This task is a placeholder. I will update the description when the extension enhancements are ready for review.

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Gilles changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jun 17 2020, 7:00 PM

Please change the status back to open once it's ready for review. Thanks!

WDoranWMF changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Jun 25 2020, 2:49 PM
WDoranWMF added a subscriber: WDoranWMF.

@Gilles Updating the status as this should now be ready for review.

@WDoranWMF can someone add to the description a link to the code and where it can be tried live (beta?). Thanks!

@Gilles Updated the description the patch is still in review, we wanted to get perf review there to make changes before merging. Is that acceptable?

I don't see any performance concern with this patch. Its read DB queries are hitting an index, and the write query is using an existing OAuth function. I don't anticipate that future changes as it keep going through review will introduce any potential performance issue.