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Investigate installation of extensions to Samsynwiki
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Investigate costs and time needed to install extensions at Samsynwiki for upload of media and statistics.

Event Timeline

Discussion with @Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE about extensions. Asked Kreablo via email.

Follow up questions about extensions and local upload.

Extensions installed. Sorting out permission and other administrative questions regarding this. Asked PN for advice.

Installation approved by PN. Asked Kreablo to install all extensions and send invoice, and to upload film.

Asked Kreablo about showing the film with higher resolution and installation of PageViewInfo extention. Discussion with PN about what to show on the main page.

Reminder sent to Kreablo about open questions.

Film resolution issue solved. PageViewInfo installed, investigating how it works with help from @Alicia_Fagerving_WMSE and Kreablo.

We've also been looking at which might be better at tracking visits and presenting the results in a user-friendly way. It's not used on wikimedia wikis so it took some research but it's an alternative suggested by the maintainer

Confirmed to Kreablo to install HitCounters.