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goodbot: Releasing the MVP
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June 1 to June 7

  • Start implementing core features for the bot, such as welcoming and replying to participants.
  • F-stringify everything

June 8 to June 21

  • Start implementing more user-facing features, such as intelligently answering questions based on given FAQs.
  • Provide links to outreach program resources
  • Subscribe them depending on whether they are an Outreachy/GSoC/GSoD participant.
  • Directing them to technical resources.
  • Modularize bot replies
  • Implement fuzzy-matching to answer FAQs

June 21 to June 24

  • Begin production deployment on Toolforge
    • Monitor behaviour in production

June 25 to June 28

  • Testing Round 1: Exploratory testing and documentation. Get an MVP out the door.


Due Date
Jun 28 2020, 12:00 AM

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