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Rename user in Phabricator
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Hello. I am having some problems because I changed my username. When I try to log in with my new name, my old name appears. When I try to change my Phabricator name from my profile settings, I get the warning that I am not an admin. I would be glad if admins help me change my username on this situation. This is my new account:

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@Ugurkent: Please provide context and steps to reproduce - where do you log in (full URL)? What to change to what and where exactly? Please follow when creating tickets here - thanks.

As of today, my Wikimedia username has been changed. I have to use my new username on Phabricator to get some technical work done. For this, I logged into Phabricator via my new user name on MediaWiki (on this URL But here my old user name appears. Even when I log in from different devices and web browsers, my old name appears. When I clicked on the change username menu in the settings, I saw that only administrators can do this.

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Thanks! Done.