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Better support for linear-gradient
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I can't add this to template styles:

background-image:linear-gradient(bottom, #eb4b2f 10%, #f29d2e 90%);

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I would also like to use vendor prefixed like this:

	background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, left bottom, left top, color-stop(10%,#eb4b2f), color-stop(90%,#f29d2e));

This is probably not going to happen but... I'm adding it just for the record. We have a mobile app for android that would benefit from this

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linear-gradient is supported in css-sanitizer, it's just sanitizing this form of it.

Looks like linear-gradient is supported but not the angle keywords. Using actual angles works:

background-image:linear-gradient(0deg, #eb4b2f 10%, #f29d2e 90%);