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Newcomer tasks: Help panel shifts every time a dialog popup is opened from VE
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Discovered during testing T254414#6198085

Steps to Reproduce:

(i) User has the help panel active
(ii) User is editing a newcomer task article on Desktop

  1. Select to Edit a newcomer task article in Visual Editor
  2. Select any VE editing tool that opens a dialog over the screen - for example the Citation > Basic citation dialog
Actual Results:

The help/guidance panel shifts every time VE produces a popup:
(click for the animated gif)

Expected Results:

The help/guidance panel should not move

Event Timeline

I can reproduce it, I see it when attempting to save an edit. It might be something with the aria-hidden=true getting applied to the help panel when VE's dialogs come to the forefront.

Moving into upcoming work, as we're focused on add link tasks.