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Split box is not displayed within the Wikipedia iOS app
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Long articles can be split ( The resulting text box reads "This list has been split for improved performance."

But, the Split box is not being displayed on pages in the iOS Wikipedia app. This problem was seen on iPhone 6 and iPhone X on 15-Jun-2020, on the latest version 6.6. I don't know whether this feature never worked or whether the bug is new to this version of the app.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Access the Wikipedia native app version 6.6 on iPhone X or iPhone 6.
  2. Navigate to any Wikipedia page that contains the 'Split' section, for example:

List of unnumbered minor planets 2004 T-Y
List of unsolved murders in the UK
List of The Simpsons episodes#Episodes


  1. Split box should be visible on each of these pages.


  1. Split box is NOT visible on any of these pages, it is missing.

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This uses ambox which currently is not displayed as it is on the web.

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One possible solution: PCS checks for {{List has been split| and calls subsequent pages if found. It then stitches the pages together into one complete page to return to mobile clients.

MSantos added subscribers: MattCleinman, MSantos.EditedWed, Jul 8, 1:16 PM

One possible solution: PCS checks for {{List has been split| and calls subsequent pages if found. It then stitches the pages together into one complete page to return to mobile clients.

Is that a desirable output from the design perspective? I would like to avoid this since the template has a performance purpose.

On the other hand, the reason why .ambox elements are not being displayed is because of the page issues extraction transform and CSS. Since we are already transforming these elements, it's straight forward to just flag the elements created by this template and apply different rules for it. But this is an edge case for an English Wikipedia specific template.

MattCleinman added a subscriber: cmadeo.EditedFri, Jul 10, 8:11 PM

I'll let @cmadeo chime in with a more informed design perspective, but typically the "page 1 of x" concept isn't seen on mobile. More often you'd see progressive loading, where as the user scrolls down a page additional elements are continually loaded (in the background) and the user never reaches an arbitrary end of the list. (This, though, can have difficulty with the "find in page" feature.)

Sorry to jump in and be a bit dense, but is there anyway for us to display the box as a different template just on the apps?

While we could combine the split lists together, it feels more like the way these articles are built is by creating essentially 3 articles (Master article, part 1, part 2). I would also like to avoid pagination, but can see how a long list could be an issue for performance.

Another dense question, for these articles are the lists always formatted as tables?

It seems like this would be resolved by displaying the page issues as is requested in T248123. It's worth holding this until after T248123 is implemented to verify.

MSantos moved this task from Upcoming to Backlog on the Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog board.

Thanks @cmadeo and @JoeWalsh for taking a look at this, I will move this to the backlog for now.