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Close teampractices mailing list (as it has no active admins)
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Description (created in T55873) says lists only one email address which is invalid nowadays. So while the list has recently been spammed there is noone who could set more aggressive spam filters.

Maybe that list should be archived, though there are occasionally valid posts?

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Pinging @Awjrichards as the closest I can think of for someone who might care. Or @MBinder_WMF maybe?

Thanks, both. What's the latest legit email to that list? I like the idea of the list (and once upon a time, it was very active), but in the absence of both a Team Practices Group and any recent discussions, I lean towards sunsetting it.

2 legit threads/posts since 2018 (in April 2020 and July 2019). Cf. archives list at
+1 to sunsetting.

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