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Tables on frdev1001 not updating
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Updating of the tables on frdev1001 seems to have stopped. Looks like the last entry in pgehres.bannerimpressions was around 2020-06-16 04:29:00, and in civicrm.civicrm_contribution was 2020-06-16 04:46:18. I checked in the Civi interface itself and donations are still coming in there.

There's a load of warnings in IRC
PROBLEM - check_mysql on frdev1001 is CRITICAL: Slave IO: Yes Slave SQL: No Seconds Behind Master: (null)

Going to postpone the India test because of this.

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Pcoombe renamed this task from pgehres.bannerimpressions not updating to Tables on frdev1001 not updating.Jun 16 2020, 9:10 AM
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This was a replication timeout due to an extremely longrunning query. I restarted replication at about 12:30 UTC and it caught up quickly after that. There shouldn't be any lost data.