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Adding a npm fix script to ProofreadPage extension
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composer has a handy script, composer fix that allows one to write code in php and then wipe out the minor linting errors such as whitespaces mismatches. This saves quite a lot of time which would otherwise be spent searching for line and column numbers :)

Npm, on the other hand, doesn't have such a script. It becomes very tedious going after each and every line number and fixing every whitespace error especially when the size of the files being committed are quite big.

We should add a npm fix script that should fix the automatically fixable warnings generated by eslint and stylelint during npm test.

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Change 606806 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sohom Datta; owner: Sohom Datta):
[mediawiki/extensions/ProofreadPage@master] Add a npm 'fix' script

Change 606806 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/ProofreadPage@master] Add a npm 'fix' script

@Soda is this done?

Yeah, this is done :) (fixing linting errors manually is hands-down the most tedious part of writing JS code)