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MoreMenu gadget UI bug in Vector
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On Group0 wikis (I assume because the Deployment Train arrived today), I see the MoreMenu gadget displaying incorrectly. I would guess this is related to recent skin work.

image.png (884×1 px, 279 KB)


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Aklapper renamed this task from MoreMenu UI bug in Vector to MoreMenu gadget UI bug in Vector.EditedJun 16 2020, 7:42 PM

I think this is because of T254797. I didn't realize the deadline was so soon... working on a fix now!

Looks like this should be reported at instead, according to ?

Probably yes, since there's no suitable project here on Phabricator.

I think everything is fixed now. I am really glad I spent November-December 2019 migrating all wikis to use the global gadget! JavaScript changes only had to happen in one place :) In this case the peer gadget CSS had to be updated too (which can't be "global" since it has to be behind ResourceLoader), so I did have to manually update those on all the applicable wikis, but at least I had a list to go by.