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MediaInfo UI breaks when repoDatabase set to "testcommonswiki" instead of false
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When the following config change was deployed:

1stack: "Error: Invalid statement: value type mismatch
2 at
3 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
4 at StatementWidget.setData (
5 at StatementWidget.resetData (
6 at StatementPanel.setData (<anonymous>:84:550)
7 at <anonymous>:57:299
8 at (<anonymous>)
9 at <anonymous>:56:959
10 at fire (
11 at Object.add (
12 at <anonymous>:56:49
13 at resources/filepage/init.js (<anonymous>:58:188)
14 at runScript (
15 at execute (
16 at doPropagation ("

The bit of code this relates to is:

	if ( self.state.valueType && value && value.getType() !== self.state.valueType ) {
			throw new Error( 'Invalid statement: value type mismatch' );

Anyone have any idea what is going on?

This is blocking T243270, T221917

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I can't reproduce locally ATM.
Where did you get those errors? Test runs? In browser? On every page view or when editing structured data?

matthiasmullie claimed this task.

I redeployed the config patch ( and this issue no longer seems present, so closing the ticket.
Please reopen if it does occur again so we can investigate more.

I also see no errors any more! great! I'll continue with the parent!