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Post-edit dialog box - icon/label alignement
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Based n the mockups in T245790: Newcomer tasks: post-edit dialog

the labels should be aligned vertically with the icons, but presently (wmf.37) the labels are centered vertically:

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This isn't specific to the post-edit panel (the homepage cards for example have the same issue), and I'm not aware of an easy way to fix it, although that might just be a reflection of my limited CSS skills. I did try to make it look better when I wrote the CSS for the post-edit box but gave up after a while. I wonder if this is a problem of technology choice - AIUI an icon font would be laid out more naturally by the browser (and its color could also be set via CSS). I never fully wrapped my head around line box positioning in CSS though, so I might just be missing the right way to do it.