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Error message when trying to create duplicate item doesn't contain link to item that would be duplicated
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Sorry for the stupid title.

On Special:NewItem, when you try to create an item that has an identical label and description to an existing item, you get this error message:

Skjermdump fra 2020-06-17 22-19-58.png (108×732 px, 9 KB)

I seem to recall that the item in that message used to be linked, so you could easily get to the item that is (possibly/probably) a duplicate of what you want to create. In T255187#6233273 it was mentioned that that message was added in , but since the message has existed since 2012, it must've been used elsewhere before that commit, but I have no idea how to find that.

Anyways, regardless of whether or not it was linked before, it would be nice to have it linked to make it easier to navigate to the item.