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SVGs with tspan that have multiple x or y coordinates don't render properly
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Author: M8R-udfkkf

It appears that text isn't being thumbnailed correctly as seen at
with the image at

If this isn't a bug...please tell me how to fix the SVG. Thanks!

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Solution for Wikipedia is not to use tspan's but only plain <text> elements. tspans are rather broken in librsvg.

*** Bug 24916 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

After the recent update, the font size issue with tspans seems to have significantly improved. The position of tspans however still seems rather broken if you look at the earlier versions of this file.

Created attachment 9610
add rendering of this issue after the recent librsvg update


Reduced the remaining problem to the usage of

<tspan x="186.25751 191.67688 196.19438 202.06062 206.57813" y="326.65219">Power</tspan>

Converting the x coordinate from a list of coords to a single coordinate makes the text element positioned properly in the png render:

<tspan x="186.25751" y="326.65219">Power</tspan>

This issue has not been filed upstream yet.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 33245 ***