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Integrate Collections extension with DocBookExport
Open, Needs TriagePublic


There is currently nothing available for the latest MediaWiki that allows you to easily create a collection of articles and produce a PDF "book" from that list of articles.

The existing Collection extension provides users with a UI to pick individual pages and put them into a book, or collection of pages, that they can share with others. In the past, the collection extension could use PediaPress's mwlib to produce a PDF. The mwlib functionality is no longer available or maintained.

Meanwhile, DocBookExport allows you to produce a single PDF from a group of articles. It also allows the end user to provide a list of parameters that change how the PDF looks. From the extension's page, you can see that at least these options are available:

  • title (e.g. My Guide to Bowling)
  • subtitle
  • cover page
  • header
  • footer
  • index term categories
  • index terms
  • orientation
  • section_autolabel_max_depth
  • external_link_color
  • size (e.g. A4)
  • columns
  • timestamp
  • font
  • font size
  • margin-inner
  • margin-outer
  • margin-top
  • margin-bottom

(The above list could probably be normalized, but that isn't the point here.)

This task proposes combining the PDF-creation functionality of DocBookExport with the collection creation of the Collection extension to provide end users with a way to produce PDF's from a list of pages.