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overzealous throttling on Wikidata
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For the past few days (since at least 13th of June 2020) people are regularly getting throttled when they should not.

Some reports:

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This is not coming from abuse filter meaning the rate limit handler is broken and too aggressive. Adding CPT.

Magnus was running 2 quickstatement batches at the time he got the above. My experience of this issue is that it'll sometimes happen when I have a QS or two running, but has never happened absent a QS.

There may be an issue, but it might equally be the inevitable consequence of a rate limit.

BPirkle added a subscriber: BPirkle.

Untagging CPT as this may not actually be an issue. Retag us if needed.

May be having a similar issue at T256386
Running single threaded updates through WDTK, with default 2s of averageTimePerEdit. See the log screenshot.

Ok it seems like people are running several quickstatements or other jobs in the background so the throttling is actually what we want.