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Translation suggestions sometimes just won't load
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For this message, the Dutch version of the previous newsletter should be suggested, but no suggestions are made. I tried reloading the page over and over. In the past this often helped, but this time I seem to have less luck.

Expected: The suggestion loads and I can click it to load it into the input field.
What happen instead: I can't.

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Yes, this is true. Sometimes it loads, sometimes no.

Amire80 added subscribers: abi_, Amire80.

Reclassifying to the Translate extension. It's probably reported already, but I'll need @abi_'s help with finding the older task.

These are two related tickets:

  1. T228834: Translation memory is slow to load
  2. T101236: TTMServer performance and coverage issues

Since these are closed, we can leave this one open.

CC: @Nikerabbit: [NOT URGENT] To review when back