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Make icons configurable
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This is a freature request

CommentStreams comes with fixed icons. There should be some option to change these icons without touching the source code.

One possibility may be to introduce a switch that makes CommentStremas look for certain images that have to be uploaded to the wiki and will be used in the extension.

e. g. the extension could look for File:CScancel.png. If available in the wiki it will use it, if not it will fallback to

Any other thoughts on how this could be accomplished?

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In order to have better styling options, CommentStreams could make use of OOUI and/or font awesome icons and OOUI or bootstrap general styling elements (e. g. buttons)

Is this still desired now that the UI has been upgraded to use OOUI icons?

I believe so. Could not try due to

But in general, yes: as soon as CS is using the default styling, this is obsolete.

You should be able to test it now. I will decline this once you confirm. Thanks!

I currently see two issues:

One is that the icon lies over the text "add comment " ("Kommentar hinzufügen"). This is obviously a tweeki skin issue, because it does not happen in vector or chameleon.
and the other is that the comment field has moved out of the div where it is supposed to be.

grafik.png (608×1 px, 21 KB)

This is the code I am using:

<div class="card"><div class="mw-collapsible"><div class="card-header"><h3 class="card-title ">[[Bild:Information.png|24px|link=Diskussion|Diskussionsbeiträge]] Allgemeine Diskussion</h3></div>
<div class="card-body mw-collapsible-content">

There was a change in version 7.0 in the placement of the "default" comment block (<comment-streams/> with no id). It will always appear at the bottom of the page below the categories. If you want to place it somewhere else, you need to use a named comment block. The old behavior was very complicated since the default comment block is also used to enable comments on pages in namespaces that do not have comments enabled by default. I have now documented that as a change at

great, thank you! I added a tipp, because I tried {{FULLPAGENAME}} as an id (which is uniqu in MW) and it worked fine!

CCicalese_WMF added a subscriber: CCicalese_WMF.

Great, thank you! So, I am declining this task. If you want to pursue the issue with icon placement for the tweeki skin, please feel free to open a new task. More information about why the current CSS is problematic for tweeki would be helpful, especially if there is a suggested fix that won't break vector or chameleon.