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Update site scripts and styles for Modern and Monobook: #searchGoButton -> #searchButton
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As part of standardizing HTML across skins, I would like to change the unique identifier for the Monobook search button.

The ID searchGoButton is used for the go button in Monobook. In Vector this same element has the ID searchButton.

This change will impact several user styles and scripts.

Users are asked to update their gadgets, styles and scripts to use the selector:
#searchGoButton, #searchButton instead of #searchGoButton

Possibly impacted pages (448)Амедиавики:Monobook.cssūcend:CalebGuitarman/monobook.jsİstifadəçi:Gabbani/modern.cssİstifadəçi:Gabbani/modern.jsМедияУики:Monobook.cssমিডিয়াউইকি:Monobook.cssäsium137~commonswiki/monobook.cssživatel:Mercy/common.jsПольꙃєватєл҄ь:Любослов_Езыкин/monobook.cssäsium137/monobook.cssäsium137Bot/monobook.css¿/monobook.cssäsium137~dewikisource/monobook.cssΧρήστης:Ank/mynewskin.cssΧρήστης:Wareh/monobook.cssü~enwikinews/monobook.cssäsium137~enwiki/monobook.cssønie/monobook.cssěj_Grabovský/monobook.cssکاربر:Qoqnous/monobook.cssکاربر:سروش_رادپور/monobook.jsکاربر:Qoqnous/monobook.cssäyttäjä:Alphaios/monobook_.css`dric/monobook.jsôTô/ufunctions.js's/monobook.cssמשתמש:The-Q/multinsSearch.jsמשתמש:Yonidebest/monobook.js/dashfixer.jsמשתמשת:אר/monobook.cssמדיה_ויקי:Monobook.jsמשתמש:Yonidebest/monobook.js/dashfixer.jsसदस्य:Mitul0520/monobook.cssसदस्य:Mitul~hiwiki/monobook.cssसदस्य:Wolf~hiwiki/monobook.css/1ő:Euro2008/monobook.csső:Euro2008/monobook.jső:Hunyadym2_(elbirtokolt)/monobook.jső:NattyDreadlocks/monobook.csső:BáthoryPéter/keresésÚjFülön.jsùcàs/monobook.cssà:Monobook.js/namespaceSearch.js\Monobook.css利用者:Cpro/monobook.css利用者:Frozen-mikan/NormalizeCharWidth.jsმედიავიკი:Monobook.cssმედიავიკი:Monobook.cssმედიავიკის_განხილვა:Monobook.cssმედიავიკი:Monobook.cssმედიავიკი:Monobook.cssМедиаВики:Monobook.cssùcàs/monobook.cssäsium137~metawiki/monobook.cssáruba/monobook.cssü/monobook.cssário(a):FranciscoPrado/monobook.cssário:Agente_Bond/monobook.cssário:HyperBroad/Pesquisa_por_domínio.jsário:HyperBroad/SkinGeral.cssário:HyperBroad/WikiSkin.cssУчастник:DIG/monobook.cssУчастник:FSosio/monobook.cssУчастник:Fedka/monobook.cssУчастник:Glucke/monobook.jsУчастник:Kink/monobook.cssУчастник:Lensovet/monobook.cssУчастник:Muad'dib~ruwiki/monobook.cssУчастник:Pj_Uran/Multi-NS_search.jsУчастник:Seracto/monobook.cssУчастник:Shvesser/monobook.cssУчастник:Valodzka/monobook.jsУчастник:X-romix/wiki_google.jsУчастник:Youngbluesboy/standard.jsУчастник:Hinote/common---.cssУчастник:X-romix/wiki_google.jsändare:Herr_X/monobook.cssபயனர்:Shameermbm/monobook.cssıcı:Mdagtek/monobook.cssıcı:Mdagtek/monobook.css小北很酷/common.css爱学习的饭桶/monobook.css

Impacted site CSS 40

Users (356)

@(WT-en)_Mdagtek @5v3n @AEIOU @Abarsan @Agente_Bond @Aidilfbk @Airelle~frwiki @Akhilleus @Alexander59 @Alien @Alienhunter @Alphaios @Alpha~zhwiki @Alucard5454 @Andrea_Coppola @Angela @Ank @AnotherOne05 @Antoine_Zimmermann @AoV2 @Aquilosion @Ark352 @ArtMechanic @Attilios @Augiasstallputzer @Augiasstallputzer~commonswiki @Augiasstallputzer~dewikibooks @Augiasstallputzer~dewikisource @Augiasstallputzer~mediawikiwiki @Azder @Bawolff @Bcallicoat @Be @Beat_Estermann @Benhaldenby @Big73 @Bigraf @BlackMind @Black_Cat_XIII @Blackx @Bob @Bsmuc64 @BáthoryPéter @C @CG100 @CalebGuitarman @Caleb_Aaron_Osment @Cblm @Ce`dric @Cesine @Chad_J_Forrest @Chadharwood @Charitybernhard @Chazpelo @Chen~enwiki @Christihan @Ciencia_Al_Poder @Ck_lostsword @Cpro @Crashonset @Cremepuff222 @Cronholm144 @Crosbiesmith @Cst93 @CyRoXX @Cäsium137 @Cäsium137Bot @Cäsium137~commonswiki @Cäsium137~dewikisource @Cäsium137~enwiki @Cäsium137~metawiki @DAF @DIG @DIG~frwiki @Daimore @Daniele_Boglio @Dannywalk @Darkoneko @Darth_Stabro @DatRoot @Davewho2 @Decifrador @Deeszz @Defiant1701 @Deliriousandlost @Dianaren @DiegoBM @Digitalme @Dirkus @Discanto @Djrolando @Draffix @Dragan_matic @Dysfunktion @Earendel~enwiki @Einstein @Elemiah @Engie @EpilogueXyz @EpochFail @Eric_Shalov @Ericlaw02 @Ertua @EthrosDemon @Euro2008 @FSosio @Fafabifiofo @Fedka @FeyBart @Fezzzat-T @Fir42~itwikisource @Fox @Fox_2005 @Francisco83pv @FranciscoPrado @FreeFog @Frozen-mikan @Fry @GTA_Ganxtaize @Gabbani @Gallery2 @Garethfc @Gary @Gary_Queen @General_Eisenhower @George_D @Gerrymax @Gianluigi @Girr222 @Glasgow @Glucke @Goclenius @Gonioul @Goroppon @Grego_96 @Gruni07 @Guest~enwikinews @GôTô @Harryboyles @Heps @Herr_X @HiB2Bornot2B @Hill @Hinote @Hmmwhatsthisdo @Honza_Záruba @HorsePunchKid @Hunyadym2_(elbirtokolt) @HyperBroad @IAlex @IPork @ITAC @Ian_Moyes @Icuy @Ilmari_Karonen @InfoMinister @Irønie @Isaac @Ivocamp96 @J @JCMP @Jackie @Jacnoc @Jailbird @Jalo @Jamesscriven @Jbaber @Jesseissocool74 @Joe_mentina @Joerite @Karel @Ketersephirot @Kiam @Kiamlaluno @Killerroo @Kink @LX @L_theo @Laaa200 @Ladin @Lannajin @Lchiang @Lensovet @Letrentequatre @Linn @Lissen~commonswiki @Litrax @Logophile_F @Lorenzor @Lùcàs @MDP23 @MacGyverMagic @Maluvolaru @Manishearth @Marco91 @Marina_Faggioli @Marshaü @Marshaü~enwikinews @Mascobado~enwiki @Mathx314 @Matěj_Grabovský @Mdagtek @Melos @Mercy @MickiMedia @Microchip08 @Mike_Fields @Min's @Mitul0520 @Mitul~hiwiki @Mnh @Mnot @Monobook @Mooman5000 @Mr @Muad'dib~ruwiki @Naleksuh @NattyDreadlocks @Nclm @Neerdael @NetAction @Neuronicnobody @Neustradamus @Nick1915 @Nickroberts1 @Nicolog @Nilsaoveras @Nosapiens @NottNott @Olando @Omtay38 @Orko~frwiki @Otello_Felarinnonz @Ouzouff @P8 @Papulin @ParaDox @Pasqui2\Monobook @Paulka~frwiki @Pb_2001~dewikiquote @Perijn @Phyk @Pianist_Berlin @Pj_Uran @Pmassot @PortalBot @PortalBot~commonswiki @Prof_Jolly @Prorokjchs @Puck2001 @Pyramide~enwiki @Qoqnous @Qzykcc @RJL_Hartmans @Raku100 @Raulknow @Renamed_user_dj65cf874dfh44 @Reverend_Loki @Revolus @Ric36 @Ripdog2121 @Robinbuse @Rodarayam @Roffik @Roxasxriku @Rqmedes @Rtz @Rursus @S141739 @SPQRobin @Sade @Salix_alba @Samayoruu @Samsa @Sanao @Schiste @Sean2078 @Senpai @Seracto @Sergey_zosim @Shade71 @Shameermbm @Sharklops @ShreCk @Shvesser @Silvanic @SilverCrono @Sir_Intellegence @Sir_Intellegent @Sir_Intellegent~enwiktionary @Sir_Lewk @Sirex98 @Skyluke @Slippyd @Snorky @Soblue @Sole_Soul2 @Sparkhead @Spock_lone_wolf @Ssarwar @Stargazer @Steef389 @Stummi @Stwalkersock @Stwalkerster @Sue_Rangell @Sunil_Bhanushali @Swazmo @Swest666 @Sylvie_Martin @TachyonJack @TanPhi @The-Q @TheDJ @TheFearow @TheSisko @TheTransporter @Thenagain @Thestixua @Thiemo @Tomeksowi @Troucul @Trync @Turillazzo @Twobeans @Txy @Tycheros @Ungoliant_MMDCCLXIV @Unive2010 @Upsuper @Valodzka @Vernikr @Vhorthor @Vladiyork @Wareh @Wikiklaas @Wim_b @Winston_Kaminsky @Wolf~hiwiki @X-romix @XI-TSE @Yonidebest @Youngbluesboy @Yumnuska @ZK001 @Zdegiulio @Zhelja @Zocomoro @Zocomoro~eswiki @¿ @Любослов_Езыкин @אר @سروش_رادپور @小北很酷 @爱学习的饭桶

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Is there a good reason for users to be notified and asked to change #searchGoButton to #searchGoButton, #searchButton before #searchButton is even available? I would think we should wait until the transition state is available. Won't the tech new notice and tagging here before #searchButton is usable mean more work for diligent users, who will have to someday remove #searchGoButton in a second edit? Somewhat similar to my comment at T254797#6234392.

Is there a good reason for users to be notified and asked to change #searchGoButton to #searchGoButton, #searchButton before #searchButton is even available?

Yes: People sometimes ignore calls to action, and people don't have unlimited time. Hence the earlier people can get prepared, the better.
I don't think that having #searchGoButton defined when it's not existing anymore is big overload.

@Jdlrobson – when can we expect a) the ID to work and b) the old ID not to work?

Jdlrobson added a comment.EditedJun 25 2020, 4:00 PM

@Johan let's say by Thur July 23rd

Johan added a comment.Jun 25 2020, 7:17 PM

@Jdlrobson As I understand it, #searchButton doesn't work yet. Is that a misunderstanding? If not a misunderstanding, will there be a transition period when both #searchButton and #searchGoButton work? In that case, from when?

Correct: #searchButton will not work. On Thur 23rd July the transition will occur and styles for #searchGoButton will stop working. After which editors should feel free to drop the #searchGoButton selector at their leisure. The timeframe hopefully gives editors enough time to prepare for this change and makes this transition as seamless as possible.

Alternatively we could just break the selector and retroactively fix, but I'd prefer not to take that approach here given the low priority.

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Following this user notice, this change is now planned for this weeks train. We should write a message in tech news:
"In Monobook, following the user notice of <date> the searchGoButton ID is now searchButton. This may impact CSS and JS gadgets. Migration instructions can be found in T255953."

Once that's done we can resolve this ticket.