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Custom task form for #Editing-team-request
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Please create a custom task submission form for Editing-Team-Request and Editing-team .


I'd like default values adjusted for the following fields:





  • Please add your team's tag under tags
  • Complete each heading section below
  • Link or list related phab tasks in this desciption
  • If a synchronous meeting is required please include this in the Other Helpful Information section with the name of who should be included in the meeting.
  • If there is a particular Editing team member you need input from, add them as a subscriber to this task
  • Indicate the urgency of this request

What's requested:

Why it's requested:

Deadline for request:

Other helpful information:

Due Date:

Please show field


Please show field


Editing-team Editing-Team-Request


Please hide this field


I'd like this form to be visible to all members of Editing-team via the global Create Task menu.

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Hey there hope you are well @mmodell and @Aklapper. Just wanted to ask if its possible to get an ETA on this?

Heja, I don't know much about Forms but took a quick look at this.
The description above says

Please add your team's tag under tags

but it also says

I'd like this form to be visible to all members of Editing-team via the global Create Task menu.

This confuses me. Why would Editing-team members create request tasks against its own team and how does this go together with "adding your team's tag"?
I'm also reluctant to add more and more forms to the default global Favorites menu. covers how anyone could customize their Favorites menu if wanted.

Also, which parts above are supposed to be in the Preamble (not editable by task author) and which ones in the task description (editable by task author)?

Hey @Aklapper perhaps would it be easier to hop on a call to share what we are hoping to do?

I'd prefer to stay async as this week is already pretty packed... :-/ Plus today this request feels pretty clear, guess last Friday my temporary issues to properly understand words hit me again. :)

@JTannerWMF: I boldly created "Create Form" 84, which can be seen in action at
Is that more or less what is wanted? :) (If any changes are needed, please share!) Also this form should probably be linked in the very first sentence of the Editing-Team-Request project description at once ready.

And I still have no idea how to make this form visible to all members of Editing-team via the global Create Task menu though so I'll leave this ticket open anyway.

(Notes to myself: I went to (I hope that was the right place). I have no idea why "Editable By" was set to "Custom Policy" instead of "All Users", so I changed that to "All Users".)

This is perfect thank you so much @Aklapper I wish you a great rest of your week with much productivity and a lighter load :)

@Aklapper: I'll take care of form visibility but for posterity:

To make a form visible to specific group of people:

  1. "Mark as create form"
  2. Adjust the visibility policy for the form. That is done from the "Edit form configuration" page and the policy should be set to an acl or user group that includes the relevant people. This doesn't affect security it only affects who will see the form on their menu. Anyone can still use the form if they know the url.

I guess this is resolved? Thanks for your help @Aklapper!