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Deploy Growth features on Danish Wikipedia
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  • Get an agreement from the community to deploy these features
  • List people we can contact for the next steps:
  • subscribe to our newsletter, to know what would be the next steps.


Help panel

  • Help desk: Hjælp:Nybegynderforum
  • Archiving system: (describe how it works: Flow, archived once a month, archived after 30 days of inactivity, manually archived...)
  • Help pages (you can provide either a Wikidata link or a link to your wiki):
    • Manual of style: Wikipedia:Stilmanual
    • Help:Editing Hjælp:Redigering
    • Inserting images using the visual editor: TBD
    • Inserting references using the visual editor: TBD
    • Article wizard: TBD
  • Search on namespace: 4 "Wikipedia" and 12 "Help" (default)
  • Read more about Help : Hjælp:Forside


Suggested edits

Suggested edits are based on these 5 task-types. At the moment, they can't be substituted. Pleas check maintenance template and links:

TaskDifficultyMaintenance templates usedLearn more link
Add LinksEasySkabelon:WikificeringTBD
Copyedit articleEasySkabelon:SprogstilTBD
Update articleMediumSkabelon:ForældetTBD
Add ReferencesMediumSkabelon:Ingen kilderWikipedia:Verificerbarhed
Expand articleHardSkabelon:StubHjælp:Artikeludvidelse

For templates only, you can suggest more templates that match the task description.

Extra links:

Anything else?

Do you have any particular information or configuration that we should be aware of (like you have a special in-person mentoring program, or your wiki uses FlaggedRevisions...):