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Plan "Engagemangstrappa" for volunteers via Street fundraising
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Flow chart for new members interested in becoming active
Flow chart for new members interested in general (perhaps it should be the same as above)

Should contain

  1. Plan for communication
  2. Plan for activites during the fall (it could be that communication and activites are intertwined
  1. Communication - what information should be in the script about volunteering
  2. follow up e-mails what information should they contain about becoming active
  3. or news letters specifically for this group (if necessary)
  1. Plan Activites - meetings (online or if the situationen changes actual meetings)
  2. what activites are already planned during
  3. are they suitable for new members to join?
  • can we plan for introduction /training meet ups for new volunteers ?
    • perhaps have these every other month or so, so we can keep the interest up