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Pre-deployment QA of sidebar instrumentation
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This task will include the QA for the instrumentation for the sidebar (implemented in T250282: Build sidebar instrumentation) on the beta cluster and test wiki (

All scenarios and QA status will be reflected in this document :

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I will be assisting @Edtadros with this task to check events in the Data Lake.

Observations :

  • We are unable to check Donate link on Testwiki

Jon has added the link to testwiki for us. Thanks Jon ! :)

  • Collapsed/Uncollapsed state of the sidebar is sometimes persistent, sometimes not

This is dependent on the deployment of T255727 and yet to be completed. Edward will re-test once this is fixed.

Closing this task since we have started deploying on production test wikis.

  • T255727 is complete, tested in T257909
  • Donate (and other external links) T258513 : observed that they are not logged in Network tab but they are making it to the db.

Post deployment data-QA is being done in T256075